About us

Designer, Katherine Pantazopoulos Karambelas, started the jewelry design house in 2009. Her mission is to create a community of women of all generations and of all walks of life, to freely create an image of who they are with the help of Katherine Karambelas jewelry collections.

“My three daughters were growing up so quickly and I needed to evolve as a mother and as a woman; reinvent myself. I didn’t search long for an idea that had the potential to fulfill my life in a new way. I knew fashion was my path. I was constantly trying to find the perfect jewels to match my outfits and no store had what I was looking for. I decided to create my own fantasy jewels. The rest is history.”

Katherine’s family joined the company in 2010. With her eldest daughter, Faith, and the support of her husband, Sam, the brand was first exhibited in Montreal, Canada and they have since then traveled all of Canada and the United States. In 2013, Katherine’s second daughter, Nektaria joined the team. “We look forward to the day when my youngest daughter, Maria-Anna, who is already dabbing her fingers here and there, is able to fully join us.”

Katherine Karambelas collections are inspired by Katherine's many travels across the globe, design, art, and architecture. The jewelry is handmade in Montreal, Canada with carefully selected semi-precious stones, crystals, and metals plated ranging from 22K gold vermeil, 9.25 sterling silver, as well as regular plated metals. The metals are hypo-allergenic, cadmium, lead, and nickel free.

"The #kkitgirl is confident, curious, and has a willingness and eagerness to explore the world around her. She has confidence to go after what she wants, intelligence to know what rules to break, and vulnerable enough to find beauty everywhere.
We celebrate personal expression, so you can be you."


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